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Explore a comprehensive list of NCERT books essential for UPSC preparation. Download free PDFs and gain insights on how to effectively utilize these resources with Sambhavam IAS’s expert guidance. Start your IAS journey with the right foundation today!

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Should I read all the NCERT books for UPSC preparation?

Focus on NCERT books from Classes VI to XII for subjects relevant to your UPSC syllabus. It is not necessary to read every book, but covering the key materials from these classes is crucial.

How do NCERT books help in UPSC preparation?

NCERT books help in building a strong foundation of subject knowledge that is essential for answering both prelims and mains examination questions. They are particularly useful for understanding basic concepts and interconnections between topics.

From which class should I start reading NCERT books for UPSC preparation?

It is advisable to start from class 6th NCERTs to develop a deep understanding of various subjects, though the most crucial books come from classes 9th to 12th.

Are old editions of NCERT books suitable for UPSC preparation?
  • While newer editions are preferred due to updated content, old editions of NCERT books can also be used for UPSC preparation as they contain the fundamental concepts needed for the exam.
What subjects from NCERT books are most important for the UPSC exam?
  • Important subjects include History, Geography, Polity, Economics, and Science from classes 6th to 12th. Focus should be given to books from classes 9th to 12th as they are more relevant to the UPSC syllabus.
Can I solely rely on NCERT books for UPSC preparation?
  • While NCERT books are crucial for building a foundational understanding, UPSC preparation also requires reading advanced books, newspapers, journals, and other resources for a comprehensive approach.
How to make notes from NCERT books for UPSC preparation?

When making notes, focus on key concepts, timelines, important figures, and terms. Use bullet points, diagrams, and tables to organize information effectively and make it easier to review.

How should I use NCERT books for UPSC preliminary and mains examinations?

For Prelims, focus on memorizing facts and understanding basic concepts. For Mains, use NCERTs to strengthen your understanding and form opinions on various topics, supporting your answers with well-structured arguments.


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