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rejuvenation tour


Human beings have been endowed with ability to change the world. We can invent, we can discover unexplored paths and lead to a new future. World has seen drastic changes and this has all been possible due to the hard work of the individuals who dedicate their heart and soul to their mission.

This continuous hard work, persistent effort to achieve excellence and insatiable hunger for more results in saturation of mind and body. There’s a limit after which our efficiency level drops down and if we still push our mental and physical faculties it leads to disorders.

We have all experienced such kind of distress, tensions and problems related to life when we need a short break where we can forget about all the problems. Care about nothing, do whatever we wish for, follow our passions, indulge in some creative activities or maybe some social service, travel, explore the beauty of nature and many more things.

DIYA Delhi family has made this a ritual. Every year the whole DIYA family welcomes everyone who wishes to join us in this expedition and embark on a short journey to Gayatri-tirth Shantikunj located in Haridwar, Uttrakhand.

People who have joined us in this tour have described this as one of the most thrilling yet peaceful experience of their life. Such experiences are once in a lifetime where we can meditate in peace, observe ourselves entering into trance, travel to unknown places, witness and savour the natural beauty, enjoy with friends and most importantly worry about nothing. As these tours are especially designed for students of all age groups we strictly keep them affordable. Not to brag about but such nominal fees makes things easier for everyone.

Special Features:

  1.       Rejuvenating Experience
  2.       Harmonise Body, Mind and Spirit
  3.       Journey of Peace
  4.       Classes on Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation
  5.       Ganga Aarti Ceremony
  6.       Low Cost

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