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The above Question Paper download link will get activated at sharp 6:50 PM on 9th December.

Super 200 Paper Details

Mode Online
DATE 9th December
TIME 07:00 PM to 08:10 PM
Pattern Based on UPSC Mains Exam pattern
Syllabus Essay + General Studies

To Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 892 7287 6295
Passcode: super200

Time: 06:45 PM

*Keep this confidential; spreading it will result in the dismissal of your application. Zoom meeting login details may get updated at 6:45 PM

Test Instructions

Before the Exam:

1. Download the Answer Booklet:
  – Download and print the answer booklet from the above link provided 

2. Prepare for the Exam:
  – Ensure you have a stable internet connection.
  – Make sure you have Zoom installed on your device.
  – Test your camera and microphone to ensure they are working properly.

3. Required Information:
  – Before starting the exam, you will need to provide the following information on your answer sheet:
   – Full Name
   – Email Address
   – Mobile Number
   – Medium (English, Hindi)

During the Exam:

4. Joining the Zoom Meeting:
   – At the scheduled exam start time, join the Zoom meeting using the provided meeting ID and password.

5. Proctoring Instructions:
  – Follow proctoring instructions provided by the exam supervisor within the Zoom meeting.

After Completing the Exam:

6. Answer Sheet Scanning:
  – After completing the exam, scan your answer sheet using a scanning app such as Doc Scanner, Tap Scanner, Microsoft Lens.
  – Ensure that the scanned image is clear and legible.

7. PDF File Naming:
   – Rename the scanned PDF file as follows: 
       *First Name (e.g., “Ram”)
       *Medium (E for English or H for Hindi)
       *Last 3 digits of your mobile number (e.g., “123”)

      Example PDF File Names:
        “Ram_E123.pdf” (for English medium)
        “Ram_H123.pdf” (for Hindi medium)

8. Uploading the PDF:
  – Upload as per instructions provided by the exam supervisor within the Zoom meeting.

*For any queries, support for any technical issues during the online test, Please chat with us by mentioning IT Cell.

After the test, you should scan all the pages of the Answer booklet from the beginning till the end, including the unattempted questions. (using a good camera and apps like Doc Scanner, Tap Scanner, Kagaz Scanner, etc.).

Convert the scanned file into PDF format and rename it as per protocols. (First Name _ E or H_ Last 3 digits of your registered mobile No. Example – Anjali_H343 if Anjali is from Hindi Medium or Anjali_E343 if she is from English Medium)

 You have to send the PDF file on the below Email and Telegram, within 20 minutes (i.e. latest by 08:50 PM)

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