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Yuva Abhyuday 2023

The youthful phase is the most blissful and opportune part of one’s life. It is the time when the body and mind are simmering with the nature’s endowment of energy, vigour and enthusiasm. At this crucial juncture, if this bounty of nature is channelized in a positive direction, it brings with it the fruits of success, satisfaction and harmony. This ensures the development and well being of not only the individual and his family but also the society and nation at large.

But alas !! The youths of today are seen without a direction and a holistic goal for themselves. Having developed a myopic vision for life – for them money, power and fulfillment of narrow self interests, has gained sheer prominence over human values and ethics. They are seen getting engulfed in the crimes and conflicts, dominated by the vices of hatred, jealousy and disharmony. The situation becomes all the more worrisome in the national capital – Delhi, which is simmering with youthful population.

About the Annual Seminar

DIYA DELHI has been conducting its annual event, right from 2014, when it was a budding group of dynamic individuals committed to fulfill the goals of man-making and nation building.
YUVA ABHYUDAY 2023 is the ninth annual event of DIYA DELHI. The YUVA ABHYUDAY series of seminars are aimed to help the youths in their self- development and personality refinement. The program is specially customized for aspirants preparing for different competitive exams like Civil Services, Youths and Working professionals. This seminar has become a life transforming event, wherein, successful personalities from various walks of life, come together to empower and enlighten India’s YUVA SHAKTI.

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